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Recreation Registration Frequently Questions

Do I have a username and password? 

If you are unsure if you have an account, click the "SIGN IN / REGISTER" link at the top of the online registration home screen OR the FORGOT PASSWORD? button under the log in screen on the home page.

A screenshot of a website highlighting the "Forgot Password?" option with a red box and an arrow pointing to it.

Enter your email address, click the I am not a robot check box, and click the submit button.

A password recovery page with an email input field, CAPTCHA, and submit button.


  • If you have an account, your password/username will be emailed to you.
  • If you type in an email address that is not in our system you will not receive an email and will need to click "Create Account" to register online. 

NOTE:  If you believe you have any account and think your email address might not be linked correctly please contact us by calling 662-8243, use the contact us option at the top of the page, or email

How do I create a Parks and Recreation account? 

On the Devils Lake Park District online registration home page:

·        Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button or SIGN IN/ REGISTER 

A screenshot of a website with login fields, a "Create Account" button, and images of a playground and a park district logo.


o   You will be prompted to enter your account information, including the primary contact for your household’s account.  All red fields are required before you can save your account.

An online registration form titled "Household Add" with fields for account information and primary person details.

Add any additional house hold family members to your account by clicking the ADD NEW MEMBER button at the bottom of the screen.

Web form screenshot with buttons for "Save", "Add New Member", and "Add New Contact", plus a reCAPTCHA verification.


Fill in the red required fields.

A web form to add an additional family member, with fields for name, gender, email, birthday, and school grade.

You can also set up additional family members after your account is activated.

Once you have everything entered, check the box for I AM NOT A ROBOT and click SAVE.

After your account is created you will receive an email to verify your email address.

How can I update my family members on my account after it has been activated? 

You must be logged into your Devils Lake Park District account.

There are two ways to update your household account information:  

1. Click the "Account Name" tab at the top of the screen.  A drop-down menu will appear, and you can select different options under the "My Account" sub-menu.

2. Click the Update Household button on the home screen.

Screenshot of a website with menu options, a playground image labeled "Contact Us," and swimming pictures below. Red arrows highlight user options.
Screenshot of a website menu highlighting "Household Account Management."

On the screen you can update any primary member or family member's information or add new members.

A screenshot showing a web form to add a new family member, with fields for personal details and contacts.

 Once you have made the changes make sure to hit save.

How do I change my account password? 

If you want to update your account password you need to first log into your account with your current password.

There are two ways to change your password.

1. Click the Change Password button on the home screen.

Click the down arrow and select My Profile.

Screenshot of a webpage menu for park district with options like "Change Password," images of activities, and a user logged in.
Screenshot of a website's user interface with menu options for park district programs, account management, and contact information.

Once the Profile Page opens click the down arrow on Account Password

A webpage displaying a user profile with an editable username, email, subscription checkbox, and an update button; an arrow points to "Account Password."

 Enter your existing password and your new password and confirm and click Change Password.

Screenshot of a webpage for password change with fields for existing and new passwords, and a "Change Password" button highlighted.


I am getting an error message about no family members able to purchase activity 

If you are trying to register a family member for a Park District Activity and get an error message after clicking the add to cart button it is most likely one of three issues:

1.  The child's grade is not entered in the database

2. Your child is not added as a household member in your account.

3. Your child is listed as a primary member under your account instead of a parent being listed at the primary member.

A web page with a message stating "No family members are able to purchase this item" for a 3rd & 4th Grade Volleyball program.

To fix this error click the back button then click your account name/number down at the top to bring up the menu bar.  In the menu bar select Household Account Management.

Screenshot of a website menu highlighting "Household Account Management."

 Once on your household dashboard click the Household and Member Update button.

A webpage for Household Account Management with a focus on a highlighted "Household and Member Update" button.

First make sure that the primary account information is entered as parent information and not child information as there is no grade field in the primary account information section.

A webpage form titled "Household Update" with fields for personal information and a warning to not enter child info.


Next scroll down to see your child's information and update to their correct grade. 

If you do not see your child click the add new member button and complete the required fields.  Make sure you click the Save button after you are finished updating or entering information.

An online form for adding a family member with fields for personal details and two red arrows pointing to relevant sections.

After you save your information you will be returned back to activities.  You might need to re-add the activity to your cart.  If your grade is update and you are still having troubles clear your selection in your cart and re-add the activity to the cart and checkout.

A screenshot of a web page for activity search, highlighting an option to "Add To Cart" for volleyball classes.


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